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Integrated - financial planning

Simple merging of complex sub-plans through integrated financial planning

With integrated financial planning, companies have recently been provided with a uniform and user-friendly business application for mapping the essential planning processes in the area of finance.

The starting point is profit and balance sheet planning, which is supplemented by dedicated liquidity planning so that, in addition to determining the business result at the level of the individual companies or at the level of the group, the ongoing review of the debt ratio and solvency is also ensured.

The greatest challenge is the consolidation of the individual sub-plans, e.g. from sales planning, cost centre planning or personnel cost planning, which have to be transferred from different granularities and time horizons into an overall plan.

This can be excellently solved by using a modern Excel or web solution based on dedicated multidimensional data cubes and supplemented by a uniform workflow and authorisation control, so that decentralised and centralised processes in the area of finance can be mapped.

Integrated financial planning combines the leading IBM solutions into one platform and uses modern planning and simulation technologies, including IBM Performance Management and IBM SPSS, to ensure seamless integration of the sub-plans into the overall plan at aggregated and detailed levels.

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