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More success through specific innovative solutions

The use of business analytics and performance management solutions has long been one of the key success factors in the management of medium-sized companies.

These solutions can be excellently expanded with predictive and prescriptive analytics to create real added value for the company.

Next Vision GmbH would like to introduce you to new, innovative solutions in these areas that could also be relevant for your organisation:

Digital Boardroom

Companies too rarely exploit the potential opportunities of data analytics...

Sales and production planning

With integrated sales and production planning, companies have recently been provided with a uniform...

Warehouse and production optimisation

Business applications for reporting, analysis and planning have been part of the company's...

Data mining in production and logistics

German SMEs are still lagging behind in the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies. This is the conclusion of a recent IT study by Computerwoche...

Integrated financial planning

With integrated financial planning, companies have recently been provided with a uniform and user-friendly business application for mapping...

Are you ready to find the best solution for your business?