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Microsoft Power BI

Extend your existing Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is THE platform for reporting & analytics in the midmarket, offering both a local solution for reporting and the necessary flexibility to migrate to the cloud at a later point in time. With little effort (and mostly no licensing costs for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition or Power BI Premium) you get a market-leading and easy-to-use solution. Microsoft Power BI gives users access to complex interactive reports and combines them with the reporting capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Re-porting Services.

Local Reporting

Implement Reporting & Analytics the way you want with Microsoft Power BI reporting server. Create a local BI environment and distribute reports securely protected by your organization’s firewall.

Innovative Visualization

Choose from a variety of available visualizations or use user-defined visualizations to customize the presentation of your data according to your company’s needs.

Create, publish and distribute Microsoft Power BI reports

Explore data visually and quickly identify patterns to make better decisions. Simultaneously generate detailed formatted and paginated reports that will meet all of your organization’s needs. In addition, you can reliably scale to thousands of users because Microsoft Power BI is built on a platform proven for large enterprises.

Create Reports

Create engaging reports with Microsoft Power BI Desktop. Explore your data visually with a drag-and-drop editable editor and modern Java visualizations.

Publish in the
Power Bi

Publish reports directly to the Microsoft Power BI report server. Organize your reports into folders, manage access, and update as needed.

Distribute and use across devices

Share reports with users to share on the web and mobile devices to meet diverse business needs.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Market-leading software solution
  • Extend your existing Microsoft SQL Server
  • Visualize key figures
  • Create reports
  • Work across devices
  • Cloud-enabled for the future
  • Individual dynamic visualizations
  • Low effort, low cost setup price

Workshop "Introduction Microsoft Power BI

Introduce Microsoft Power BI in your company and let our experts guide you in building up your know-how. We will show you how to prepare your data in Microsoft SQL Server and how to use Microsoft Power BI Desktop to create reports and dashboards. Use modern visualizations to increase the informative value of your reporting and analytics.

Within 1 day we make you fit!

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