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Digital Boardroom

Staging data for meetings

Present real-time data and secure competitive advantages with Digital Boardroom

Companies too rarely use the potential opportunities of data analytics. This is the result of a recent McKinsey Global Institute study (1). According to the study, “only about 30 per cent of companies are currently realising the benefits of these technologies, known as ‘big data’ and ‘advanced analytics’.” Manufacturing and the public sector in particular are lagging behind in the efficient use of their data. But why is that? And how can modern IT systems help to use the data in a targeted way?

According to the study, the manufacturing industry is so far only exploiting about 20-30 per cent of its potential. The biggest obstacle for this sector is the opinion of many entrepreneurs that the costs could exceed the benefits. This is especially true when companies are overwhelmed with the choice of analytical tools and there are actually no human resources for the data evaluations (2).

The public sector in the EU would also have potential savings of a good 250 billion euros annually through the efficient use of data. However, only about 10 to 20 percent of this potential is currently being used.

Strategic Management – Making Decisions

One of the biggest challenges for companies in all sectors is IT. In addition to the selection of specific software, this also concerns the establishment of a structure that makes the analysis of all business processes possible. Decision-makers, management and, for example, the board of directors should benefit equally from the analyses. This is possible with real-time data analysis via a digital boardroom or digital control room.

This digital platform provides users with maximum transparency about business processes in all areas of the company and enables them to make well-founded and quick decisions based on precise information. Even today, it is still common for elaborate presentations to be created for meetings, which usually push the already scarce staff resources to their capacity limits.

Via the Digital Boardroom, current analyses can be called up in real time and presented via various visualisations, such as lists, cross-tables and diagrams. Meeting participants can work with relevant and up-to-date figures and make their strategic business decisions based on them. Changes can be entered into the system immediately and checked ad hoc for their impact on sales, personnel decisions, etc. It is also possible to check potential decisions on a daily basis. It is also possible to simulate potential decisions on different business areas.

Efficient use as a control centre – 3 screens for faster insights

Due to the way it is displayed, the Digital Boardroom is also relevant as a control centre for logistics and manufacturing. Company processes can be controlled in real time. The complete production of a product can be monitored across the value chain, stock levels and machine conditions can be monitored and logistics or maintenance services can be requested.

The IT solution thus helps to keep the production process as “lean” as possible.

Overview: Based on modern visualisation and multi-touch functions, information is displayed on three screens

Data analysis: Key performance indicators (KPIs) of the different business areas (finance, sales, human resources, etc.) of the last 12 months.

Context: cause-effect diagram, top-flop analysis, dynamic visualisation of choices, simulation / scenario management, what-if analysis.

Digital Control Room

The advantages of the Digital Boardroom at a glance

  • Collaborative decision making for better results
  • Reduced preparation time for meetings
  • modern visualisation and multi-touch functions
  • use of artificial intelligence for bi-directional communication (e.g. IBM Watson Analytics)
  • all data in real time
  • simulations and forecasts
  • Availability both “on premise” and “on cloud

You can also see what advantages and opportunities await companies with the Digital Boardroom in our videos:

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