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Tech Day 2022

Date/Time: 16.03.2022 / 10:00 – 12:00 clock

Venue: Virtual Event

1) Ready for the Future 

Market | Changes |  Trends | Provider | Technologies | Innovations

Tomorrow’s UI Design | Control

    • Screen | Board | Table                              TouchScreen
    • Smart Phone | Tablet                                iPhone | iPad
    • Smart Glasses | Projector                        HoloLens | HoloProjector
    • Smart Home
    • Smart Factory

Today’s Digital Boardroom

    • Custom Controls | Custom Visualizations
    • Touch
    • Gesture
    • Voice
    • AI | ML

Next Vision’s new innovations: R&D @ Next Vision Labs


2) Hybrid Cloud

Virtual | Digital Infrastructure

Traditional on-premises data center combined with an external private cloud and/or public cloud

 Hardware, Software and Data combined on Premise and / or on Cloud

 Top 5: Amazon (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft (Azure), Google (Google Cloud), Oracle (SUSE Enterprise Linux),
             IBM (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

Next Vision Virtual Infrastructure: Example of a Hybrid Cloud

    • 3 Physical Hosts à 12 Virtual Guests à 6 Linux Servers & 6 Windows Servers
    • 2 Physical Hosts à 2 Machine Learning High Performance Servers

Next Vision’s new Partners: HCL Software and IBM Red Hat


3) Live Demos

Microsoft News

    • Adventure Works (AW) Demo – Microsoft Power BI / Microsoft Machine Learning Studio
    • Dashboard, Report and Ask a Question

IBM News

    • Great Outdoors (GO) Demo – IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Dashboard, Report and Exploration


    • Why is Microsoft SQL Server & Microsoft Power BI the Market Leader?
    • Why is IBM Cognos Analytics underestimated | underrated?

Next Vision’s new Customers: Exciting new projects and teasers

* The number of participants per event is limited in the interest of the participants. We kindly ask you to register in good time. 

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